Perfect your online presence and showcase your artistry with carefully crafted profiles on DSPs and social media platforms.


Expand the horizons of your music and maximize its exposure with our non-exclusive sync licensing options.

Sync and Licensing

On top of pitching to editorial playlists, we've teamed up with over 3000 curated playlists certified by Spotify and Deezer.


Collaborate with our team to develop strategies leveraging YouTube, Meta, and TikTok ADS, aimed at introducing your music to the world and expanding your audience.



No matter the agreement you have with us, our marketing experts will promote your releases across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and streaming platforms.

Create your custom campaigns and get
the support from the following marketing services:

Curating DSP

Crafting Your Image: Profile Curation on DSPs and Social Media
Perfect your online presence and showcase your artistry with carefully crafted profiles on DSPs and social media platforms. Tailor your content to resonate with your target audience, leveraging each platform’s unique features to amplify your reach and engagement. By curating compelling visuals, captivating descriptions, and engaging posts, establish a strong and authentic digital identity that reflects your artistic vision and connects you with fans worldwide.

Playlist Pitching

Do you wish to present your music to the curators at Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music, as well as to independent certified curators? Orbit streamlines this process for you. Simply reach out to us once your account is unlocked or you have a contract, and we’ll handle the rest.

Instagram Promotion

Instagram’s organic reach for your release promo is limited to a small portion of your followers. To truly expand your reach, Instagram ads allow you to efficiently target not only your fans but also new target groups. Orbit simplifies the process of running such campaigns.

– Elevate the reach and awareness of your release

– Tailored packages for every budget

– Effortless campaign execution with Orbit

TikTok Promotion

TikTok has garnered a vast and youthful following, boasting a significantly broader organic reach compared to Instagram. If you aim to go viral with your next hit, promoting your release with ads on TikTok can maximize efficiency in reaching your target audience.

– Spark/Boost Ads: Leverage your organic content for an authentic appearance.

– In-Feed Advertisements: Run ads without needing an active TikTok account.

– Amplify streams and connect with new fans on the music industry’s most relevant social platform.

– Tailored packages available for every budget.

YouTube Promotion

You have the opportunity to showcase your latest releases as ads on YouTube, providing them with maximum exposure. We’ll ensure that your release is strategically positioned to reach both new potential fans and existing followers, significantly increasing your streams.

Spotify Promotion

Launch campaigns directly on Spotify, reaching out to free users. With Spotify Ad Studio, you can target a segmented audience that aligns closely with your music style, utilizing both Audio and Video Ads.

Smark Links


A Smart Link offers a versatile way to direct your fans from your social profiles to any destination you choose. With Smart Links, you can set up a new release with links for buying or streaming your music, or create a shareable link in your social media bio.

We’ve partnered with, enabling our artists and labels to have direct access to manage profiles for each artist and release. Smart Links are easy to set up and help you seamlessly share more music with fans, giving your music an organized, polished look wherever you place them.

When promoting new music, Smart Links ensure all your platforms can be found with just a few clicks. This feature allows you to quickly organize services in a stacked layout, making it easy for fans to browse and check out your music in their preferred way.

Smart Links are also great for promoting a new album with no distractions. You can feature album artwork, a brief description, and a buy button on a dedicated page, ensuring a focused and streamlined experience for visitors.

Sync & Licensing

Unlocking the Potential of Your Music: Non-Exclusive Sync Licensing Options.
Expand the horizons of your music and maximize its exposure with our non-exclusive sync licensing options. Seamlessly integrate your tracks into various media projects, including films, TV shows, commercials, and more, to reach new audiences and generate additional revenue streams. With flexible licensing agreements and comprehensive support, unleash the full potential of your music and open doors to exciting opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Online Merch

Building Your Brand: Creating Dedicated Merchandise Websites
Elevate your brand presence and engage your audience with dedicated merchandise websites. Showcase your unique style and offerings through customizable platforms designed to highlight your brand identity. With seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces, captivate your fans and turn them into loyal customers by providing them with exclusive merchandise and a memorable shopping experience.

Bulk Upload

Simplifying Distribution for You.
Streamline your distribution process with ease. Our bulk upload feature simplifies the distribution journey, allowing you to efficiently share your music across multiple platforms. Save time and energy while reaching a wider audience effortlessly


VEVO is the world’s leading platform for premium music content. Due to the publishing partnership with YouTube, VEVO is now present in more than 200 countries. VEVO connects artists with their audiences worldwide through their music videos and original content.

Orbit can create a new VEVO channel and/or distribute content to it on your behalf.

Apple Music Video

iTunes is one of the leading platforms for distributing multimedia content, including music and videos. With Orbit, you can distribute videos to Apple.

Graphic Designs

Enhance your music with our captivating graphic designs! From album artwork to banners and logos, our talented team brings your vision to life. Stand out with stunning visuals tailored to your sound.

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